GitLab- Fineshift for successful DevOps adoption 

Is DevOps implementation creating Goldilocks dilemma? 

Most of the organizations face the same situation implementing DevOps. The common reason for hassle is apt product selection and its integration in the existing workflow.  GitLab as complete DevOps platform comprise of various capabilities that span throughout the development life cycle and integrate easily with the existing workflow. 

Fineshift is one of the selected partners for GitLab 25+ satisfied GitLab customers and 2000+ licenses sold in one year.  

 How fineshift make your DevSecOps journey hassle free with GitLab adoption? 

Let’s peep through the crystal-clear process we follow- 

  • We conduct Free gap analysis to identify the gap in your existing workflow. 
  • We analyse the current workflow in the organization and investigate how GitLab and existing tools can augment with each other. 
  • We help in GitLab product and licence purchase. 
  • We provide training services technically enable your staff. 
  • We have our migration services we help to migrate your workflow and data to newly implemented GitLab environment. 
  • We help to achieve digital transformation and end to end development security through complete DevSecOps adoption in the organization with GitLab. 


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