Criteria to Choose DevSecOps Platform

Difference between GitLab vs GitHub: Technical Criteria for Choosing the Right DevSecOps Platform, Features, and Compliance Analysis”


Why APIs? 

Monolithic applications have driven businesses for longer periods of time, but the application started becoming complex and resistance of critical business domains to even small downtime,  paved the way for applications to become distributed.

GitLab vs Github

DevSecOps is becoming de facto as more and more organizations are getting keen to safeguard their business applications from vulnerabilities. When organizations opt to embark on DevSecOps journey, the most critical process is choice of platform.

Riding the DevSecOps Evolution Wave …A Solution for Secure and Agile Banking Practices

Modernization invites some challenges!The Devops in banking sector is one of the major contributors in the total economy worldwide. Banking institutes are the backbone of the industrial ecosystem that maintains the flow of funds.  In India, banking was introduced in the 18th century i.e. in the British rule. 

DevSecOps Adoption Stages: Part -1

Understanding why your organization needs one?  Introduction:In today’s digital application landscape, security has become the cornerstone of software development. DevSecOps, the amalgamation of development, security, and operations, presents a strategic approach to infuse security throughout the software lifecycle.

Major Kubernetes Challenges and Its Solution with GitLab

Organizations are opting for digital transformation. As businesses are getting digitized, the complexity of the architecture is getting critical too. Businesses strive to have zero downtime. Complex business needs an architecture that divides its components into smaller parts.form.

SBOM-software bill of materials

Hungry? And munching on packaged food? Just turn the pack and have a look at the ingredients. Shocked to see you are probably eating some chemical stuff. Hey! Sorry, it’s not a good food habits blog 😊 , We will have it some other day.. 

Dora Metrics

In today’s fast-paced software industry, organizations are constantly striving to improve their software delivery processes and achieve higher levels of performance.  The question is how to gauge this performance? Which are the KPIs that indicate the performance and non-performance of the team? What targets do the teams need to achieve in order to get titled as a “Performer”?


BizSecOps…the concept and underlying principles 

The status quo

Today’s businesses are opting for digital transformation. The challenge is to create a good balance between business agility, security, and operational stability. In the traditional approach, the teams used to work in silos. Business, security, and development were taken care of by the different teams who hardly communicated.