DevSecOps Conclave

January 23rd ,2024 in Bengaluru
An Invite Only, One Day Tech-Event

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Event description

DevSecOps conclave is an exclusive event for CXOs and decision-makers who are highly proactive in making the development experience secure, faster, and agile.  It’s a convention where like-minded people brainstorm and share their DevSecOps journey. Informative and Tech-Packed keynote speech, Panel discussions, and Q&A sessions are next-level insightful.  With this event, we try to build and nurture the DevSecOps culture for our audience and make sure that all their challenges are being addressed when it comes to DevSecOps adoption.Our experts unearth the complexities in DevSecOps adoption and security with applied use cases which helps in the ideation and implementation of DevSecOps culture more viable for the organization.With this event, we try to bring the community together and catalyze the DevSecOps culture for our audience and make sure that all their challenges are being addressed when it comes to DevSecOps adoption.

Event Agenda

Securing Microservices and Introduction to Gen AI: A DevSecOps Approach

In this conclave, we delve into the critical realm of microservices security within the DevSecOps paradigm. Explore cutting-edge strategies that seamlessly integrate security into the microservices development lifecycle. From threat detection to automated response mechanisms, discover how DevSecOps methodologies fortify microservices architectures, ensuring robust protection against evolving cybersecurity challenges. Join us to unravel the synergy between security and microservices, shaping a resilient landscape for contemporary software development. – And venture into the world of GenAI

Vinay Vijay
VP Engineering
Junglee Games

Keynote Session:
Harmonizing DevSecOps: Bridging the Collaboration Gap

Explore the dynamic interplay between the panel discussion. Delve into key aspects of DevSecOps implementation, discussing strategies to enhance collaboration, streamline security integration into the development lifecycle, and foster a security-first mindset across the organization. The panelists will share insights, challenges, and best practices for achieving a seamless and secure DevSecOps environment.

Sanjay Singh

OEM Discussion:
AI Fusion in DevSecOps: Rethinking Security in the Era of Intelligent Automation

This conclave invites you to rethink traditional security approaches and embrace the transformative power of AI in fortifying DevOps pipelines. Discover how machine learning algorithms and automated threat detection redefine proactive security measures, ensuring not only rapid development but also resilient protection. Join thought leaders and practitioners as we navigate the future of security, unveiling a paradigm where AI fusion enhances the agility, efficacy, and adaptability of DevSecOps practices.

Vandana Verma
Security Relations Leader

Gaurav Sharma
Enterprise Sales Engineer

Samer Akkoub
Senior Alliances & Channels Solutions Architect – APJ

Head – Marketplace

Your partner for Success – Fineshift

Himadri Kushwaha

Swapnil Borude

Keynote Session:
Security, Governance and Compliance in the world of DevSecOps

In Explore strategies and best practices that bridge the traditional gap, ensuring a symbiotic relationship between agility and adherence to regulatory requirements. Delve into real-world expert insights to navigate the complexities of integrating robust security measures without compromising the speed and flexibility inherent in DevOps practices. Join us on this transformative journey where security and compliance become integral components of the DevOps narrative, fostering innovation in a regulated landscape.

Dyaneshwar Kawathekar

Hilal Ahmad Lone

Satish Kumar Dwibhashi

Mrinmoy Dey

Archit Rajesh
Head of Product & Information Security

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Glimpse of DevSecOps Conclave Mumbai

Here are the glimpses of the event where attendees could Unlock the secrets to seamless integration of security and DevOps.