Gap Analysis

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Gap Analysis

DevSecOps assessment helps to identify the “Gaps” or weaker parameters that an organization needs to address in order to achieve the next milestone in DevSecOps adoption. The Gap analysis analyses each of these gaps . The outcome of Gap Analysis is roadmap to address these identified gaps.

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The Process

After the DevSecOps Assessment the results need thorough analysis where all the identified deficiencies in the assessment process are converted into addressable tasks. The tasks are prioritized and planned for further remediation. It is not possible to address all the gaps in one go for any organization. One has to plan and address them according to the priorities and other constraints like budget and resources. 

We adopt the following process to transform identified
gaps into the roadmap to address them.

  • Transform identified gaps into achievable tasks 

  • Classify the tasks According to the categories –

  • Prioritize the tasks

  • Identify the set of tasks to be addressed in the
    current evaluation

The output of the Gap Analysis is the identified set of tasks to be addressed in Tool Evaluation

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