Monitoring Service

Since there is no need for regular tool upkeep, capacity scalability, updates, or management, teams can get up and running faster and more easily when using Fineshiift’s monitoring services. As part of our DevOps methodology, we perform continuous monitoring in all environments, not just production.

We help you to organize your environment so that Development, Operations, and Security can all see and talk about it in the same way. Bringing everyone together in one spot, and doing it without anyone needing any special expertise or training to use the platform is what makes our monitoring services efficient.

Other Services

Professional Service
Professional Service Read More
We’ll engage with the customer to ensure product functionality is understood & adopted company wide.
Managed Service
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Support and administer a network, application, infrastructure, and security on customers’ premises.
Migration Service
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Initiating the digital shift from an existing digital system to the new modern one.
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Learn all about the new software and adapt to it.
Monitoring Read More
Keeping track of all the apps and sites that have been utilised on the company’s PCs.
Staff Augmentation
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Hire experts on a temporary basis in order to meet your business’s temporary staffing needs.
Licensing Read More
To support software and application licences without need for an in-house licencing engine.

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