Migration Service

Utilize our Cloud Migration services to efficiently and seamlessly migrate your workloads. Do you need to shift all IT workloads to the cloud and are you looking for the best partner for this journey? With the help of our strong team of cloud consulting professionals and cutting-edge cloud infrastructure, we make the process of adopting the cloud simple and flexible for you.

Cloud That Edge

Eliminate expenses on physical infrastructure

With the help of our cloud migration & consulting services, you may stop relying on physical data centers, which take up office space and require ongoing maintenance.

Accelerate Application Deployment

Through the use of industry-leading DevOps techniques, which are a key component of all of our consulting services, we help accelerate the deployment of applications with our cloud migration solutions.

Enhanced Security

By introducing automatic security updates, our cloud consulting services enable your company to adopt security measures and protect it from risks & safe from vulnerabilities.

Effective Backup and Recovery Services

By using our cloud migration consulting services, you can meet your organization’s needs for efficient outage management. With effective backup and disaster recovery processes, we guarantee that any disasters or accidents won’t affect your data.

Flexible & Scalable

Fineshift offers your business the freedom to select the ideal computing environment for your needs, including the operating system, programming language, and web application platform. The entire relocation procedure is made easier by the virtual environment.

Simplified IT Management and Enhanced Performance

Our cloud migration services enable quicker access to computing and storage resources in accordance with changing customer demands, resulting in simplified IT, higher performance, and lower costs.

 Businesses may shift their workloads to the cloud with the certainty that doing so will result in better performance, lower costs, and more scalability. With the help of our cloud wellness assessment, cloud migration roadmap, migrate & modernize, and cost services, we make this achievable.

Our competent augmented staff interprets your business needs and adds value to the projects. Procuring personnel resources to fill in any development team role’s missing capability.

Other Services

Professional Service
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We’ll engage with the customer to ensure product functionality is understood & adopted company wide.
Managed Service
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Support and administer a network, application, infrastructure, and security on customers’ premises.
Migration Service
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Initiating the digital shift from an existing digital system to the new modern one.
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Learn all about the new software and adapt to it.
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Keeping track of all the apps and sites that have been utilised on the company’s PCs.
Staff Augmentation
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Hire experts on a temporary basis in order to meet your business’s temporary staffing needs.
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To support software and application licences without need for an in-house licencing engine.

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