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“API Security Strategy for Business Leaders: Safeguarding Data, Reputation, and Growth”

As speedy development has become a need for businesses, people tend to use ready-made pieces of software among which some are third-party components, some are open-source components, and some are in-house. APIs play a crucial role in gluing them up all and ensuring smooth data flow around the various components. But, at the same time, APIs are favourites of the hackers too. Their endpoints are easy targets for them. 

Gartner predicts that by 2025, more than 50% of data theft will be due to insecure APIs. Also, the OWASP has published a list of the Top 10 API Security risks that one has to address to safeguard the APIs from exploitation. 

We had an excellent webinar on 26th October at 4 PM IST . It was a great brainstorming platform where CXOs discussed their challenges related to API security. 

If you missed it, we have the recorded copy of the webinar available for you. 

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    Key highlights of the webinar :

    1. Security Challenges associated with APIs.
    2. Designing and Planning the API Security Strategy.
    3. Solutions and Best Practices to safeguard APIs.
    4. Discussion on Real World API Security Incidences.
    5. Portraying real-life challenges associated with API Security and their solutions.

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