Jira description

Jira is a proprietary project management and issue-tracking product developed by Atlassian that aids agile/nonagile project management and bug tracking  

Project management tool description

Project planning, tracking workflows, and collaborating with teams for agile and nonagile frameworks 

Tool Description 

Multi-capability or end –to-end DevOps tools aid end-to-end DevOps software development with its capability for repository and versioning control, source code hosting, CI/CD, Application Security, Project planning, Testing etc.

Free/ Trial version 

Cloud : Trial Version: 7-day free trial for up to 10,000 users 

Free version is available:  YES for 10 Users (Monthly subscription)       

Data Center : Trial Version: free for 30 days.

Free version is available:  YES 

Deployment Options





Parent Company

Armed with a credit card and a dream, two college friends, Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar set out to create Atlassian. Here is the journey of the company at glance – 

  1. In 2001, Atlassian, inspired by the Greek Titan, is registered as a business name. 
  2. In 2002, Atlassian became real with the launch of Jira 1.0.
  3. The company launched Confluence 1.0 in 2003.
  4. The company co-founded Pledge 1% and Atlassian Foundation was created in 2006. 
  5. First European office of the company was setup in Amsterdam in 2009.
  6. Atlassian shipped first cloud versions of Confluence and Jira in 2011. 
  7. In 2012, the company  hit $100 million dollars of revenue
  8. In 2015, Atlassian was listed on NASDAQ.  
  9. In 2022, Atlassian celebrated 20 yrs of being in business. 

Atlassian now has employees in 13 countries with 200,000+ customers. They have 1% donated of all profit, employee time, and equity through foundation.Have contributed $132 million in Community members . Provided platform for 5,000+ apps in their Marketplace. Own 4M+ community members.